The Ten Idea Daily Practice

Posted by Doogie Levine

You have made a great choice by choosing to read this blog.

Before I jump in and share my ten groundbreaking ideas, I want to share a little insight into what I do and the practice that allows me to work out my idea muscle. I am a business coach and consultant who focuses on finding tangible solutions for small business owners. 

To do this, I use my superpower of taking complex multi-step concepts, such as lead generation and conversion, and translate them into a step by step process that small business owners can implement to make drastic improvements in their business. 

The Ten Idea Daily Practice

Every day, I write ten ideas on improving the world, a product, a service, a company, etc. I was inspired by James Altucher, whose part of his daily practice is to do the same. The power behind this daily practice is it trains your problem solving and opportunity finding mental muscles. Doing this exercise every day makes it easier to face the adversity and stress of being a business owner. It trains you to be agile and open-minded, which turns problems and challenges into opportunities and advantages. Try it for 30 days; you will not regret it.

I encourage everyone to take the time to write ten ideas a day. Here are my rules:

  1. Commit to writing ten ideas in 30min or less. As you get better, you might add more answers or do it in less time. 
  2. The ideas have to be practical, actionable, and something that a person can accomplish in one lifetime.
  3. Each idea must be based on a specific prompt, usually from something that inspired/intrigued me from the day before.
  4. The idea must be short, a few words to a sentence-long answer.
  5. Commit to taking at least one idea a week and putting it into action.

Today, I thought the best way to put my ideas into action would be to share my thoughts with you. Hopefully, they find the person with the skills and passion for making them a reality. If you like an idea, please use it and make this change in the world. If you’re struggling with a challenge in your business or life, please feel free to reach out. 

Today’s Results form my Idea Exercise

Now onto the prompt, What products should be biodegradable but are not currently?

(Disclaimer if some of these do exist, then someone needs to figure out how to make them mainstream and widely accepted.)

My ideas:

  1. Print advertisements/direct mailers
  2. Crayola markers 
  3. Shampoo and body wash containers
  4. Dental floss 
  5. Single-use beverage containers such as coke or water bottles
  6. Tooth Brushes 
  7. Surgical masks (the ones people drop on the ground)
  8. Baby diapers 
  9. Food Packaging 
  10. Trash bags 

If you have more ideas on products that should be biodegradable but aren’t, leave them in the comments below or share this blog with a friend that you think can turn these ideas into actions.

Suppose you want help flexing your idea muscle to grow your business.  Feel free to download my free e-book, The 8 Steps that Change Your Business Forever.  In the book, I cover 8 strategies that can have a 200% ROI on your business. Please feel free to leave a comment below, and I thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

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